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Therapists and mental health professionals, revitalize your work with creative and mind-body approaches.


Your work matters.

You matter.

Get what you need to do your work well.


Therapists do amazing, rewarding, life-changing work.

It is also intense, demanding, and difficult – NOW MORE THAN EVER!

Fire Within offers clinical consultation & creative professional development for therapists and other mental health professionals so that you can feel confident, invest in your own vitality and have greater capacity to sustain your work over time.

Learn about using experiential, creative and mind-body approaches in your work and in your own professional development.


spark your creativity – rekindle your confidence – fuel your professional growth


Hi, I’m Annabelle.

I’m a therapist and I work with other therapists.  These are surely strange and challenging times to be working as a therapist.  It’s important that we invest in getting what we need to work effectively with our clients and nurture our own well-being.

I truly love helping therapists discover how creativity and mind-body approaches can enrich clinical work and nurture their own resilience and vitality.  

I’d love to hear from you – what would be helpful, what do you want to talk about?  What would support you in being a better, more creative and more embodied therapist — now in this tumultuous time or in general?

Send me an email or join me on Facebook @firewithinconsulting or Instagram @firewithinconsulting


Looking for a place where you can get support and ideas for yourself?


Find resources, respite and support in the

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Get Started with Individual Consultation

Right now might be a good time to work on:

  • Comfort & creativity with telehealth

  • Therapist stress management

You can also:

  • Delve into clinical issues and develop innovative interventions

  • Rekindle inspiration and fire up new excitement for therapy work

  • Increase sustainable self-care and compassion resilience

  • Explore creativity and the creative process in therapy

  • Learn about body-centered theories and techniques

  • Become more familiar with current influences in therapy such as mindfulness and neurobiology

  • Put mind-body science to work in your practice

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